How Do I Make My Basement Look Less Like a Basement?

Basements with little to no windows can feel dark, cavernous and undefined. Adding some light-reflecting materials can brighten things up, and help a room feel bigger.

One way to do this is by using mirrors. But there are other creative ways as well, like incorporating a ceiling mount barn door system to create a rustic basement partition wall.

Light Colors

Most basements get little natural light and tend to have low ceilings, but you can make the space feel brighter and bigger by using lighter colors on the walls and trim. If you have old wood paneling, paint over it with cooler neutral hues to instantly brighten the room and give it a more polished look.

Even if you’re not in the mood to paint, changing out the basement’s lighting fixtures can also brighten the space. Add more floor lights (they’re easy to install in a DIY project) and consider upgrading to track or recessed lighting that bathes the room in soft light without hanging lights from the ceiling.

Another way to bring in more light is by installing more windows. This may not be feasible in all basements, but it can make the space look less like a dungeon by bringing in more natural light and giving the area a more welcoming and inviting feel.

If you do decide to install more windows, be sure they’re properly shaded so the sunlight isn’t blocked or filtered by overly heavy drapes. You can also make windows seem bigger by trimming out the window frame and adding a decorative molding or coffered ceiling that will hide any unsightly ductwork or plumbing that might be in the basement.

One of the easiest ways to brighten a space is by introducing more reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and shiny furniture. This trick can be especially effective in a basement since it can reflect more light, making the space feel larger and more open. You can go as far as a full mirrored wall or simply lean a small mirror against a wall in a sitting area.


Using mirrors to make a room look larger is an age-old design trick that works great for basement spaces. These reflective surfaces can make a room feel bright and airy, even when you don’t have any natural light to bounce off of them. Hang a large mirror on a wall, or create an even more interesting accent wall with several small ones of different shapes. Bounce artificial light from fixtures like solar tubes or egress windows off of a custom mirrored wall to multiply the amount of light in your space and brighten it up.

You can also use other shiny surfaces to brighten your space, from polished hardwood or sealed concrete floors, to glass tabletops and countertops, floor-length mirrors, and even decorative metallic objects like picture frames, vases, and candle holders. Light colors reflect these surfaces, so they’re ideal for your basement room.

Paint is another easy and affordable way to lighten a space. A crisp white color makes a room feel bigger and brighter while serving as a neutral but stylish backdrop for any motifs you want to add. For a basement with exposed brick walls, consider painting them in a light shade to make them more welcoming and less like a basement.

Lastly, try to let as much light in as possible with a combination of wide windows and new or wider curtain rods to keep the sunlight flowing throughout your space. If you can’t install more windows, try to brighten up existing ones by cleaning the outside and drawing your curtains all the way up during the day. You can also opt for a glass room divider to keep your basement looking open and light while still keeping it separated from the rest of your home. If you are looking for the basement Foundation Repair Lexington Ky has to offer, then Foundation Repair of Lexington KY is the best place to get all your foundation needs! Don't hesitate to visit our website at today. We'll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate. Thanks for choosing Foundation Repair of Lexington KY!

Splashes of Bright Colors

Basements are notoriously dark, but using splashes of bright colors is an easy way to remove the dungeon-like stigma. Choose paint colors that correspond with the type of room, like a soothing sky blue for a guest room decorated with natural wood and rattan furniture or a rich jewel tone for a rec area filled with games and equipment. If you don’t want to commit to a full color scheme, add bright highlights through pillows, area rugs and wall art.

Many basements have narrow windows that are little more than slits, and they can be a major hindrance to natural light. If you have the option, replace them with new larger windows that will open up the space and give it a brighter feel. If your current windows are blocked by bushes or other landscaping, trim them back so they can let in more natural light.

One standard ceiling fixture can make a basement look cavernous and cold, so add more points of lighting. Not only will this increase the amount of light in the room, it will also make the ceiling appear taller and more open.

Basements often act as dumping grounds for items that we don’t have room for upstairs, and this clutter can block windows from letting in natural light and just create a gloomy, heavy feeling space. Organizing and donating items that are no longer needed will open up floor space and lighten the mood.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Clutter can make any room feel small and gloomy, and the basement is no exception. Using multi-purpose furniture that saves space is a great way to make your basement look less like a dungeon without spending too much money. Look for sofas that have pull out beds or desks that have built in storage. If you can’t afford to purchase new furniture, try repurposing your existing pieces by repainting or adding new fabric.

Despite its gloomy reputation, the basement is usually well lit with natural light from windows and lighting fixtures. One of the best ways to make a basement feel brighter is by installing mirrors that reflect ambient light to make the space appear larger. Shelves near the ceiling can also draw your eyes upward, creating the illusion of higher ceilings.

While utilizing multi-purpose furniture is key to making a basement feel more inviting, it’s also important to declutter and organize. If you can’t fit everything in a closet or on shelves, install hooks or pegboard systems to hang items from the wall. This will keep your belongings out of sight and off the floor, and will make it easier to access them when needed.

Finally, don’t forget about your basement’s ceiling! Installing a hanging storage rack or using decorative wood paneling or drywall can add visual interest to an area that’s often overlooked. You can even install a plant or other greenery to bring in some natural elements.

Once you’ve made your basement feel more welcoming, it’s time to have fun. Whether you use it as a playroom, a bar, or your own personal sanctuary, the basement is a place to relax and enjoy life. With a little effort, you can transform your basement into the best room in the house!

Carpet That’s Too Big

The basement is a great space to add carpet, making the room feel more welcoming and cozy. However, it’s important to choose the right carpet for your basement, as many flooring materials are not appropriate for this area of the home due to the high moisture levels and potential flooding that can occur.

Hard flooring options like tile and hardwood won’t hold up in a basement environment, as they are susceptible to water damage and may swell when wet. Carpeting on the other hand, is a good choice for basements as it offers insulation against colder temperatures and absorbs sound. However, it is essential to properly prepare the concrete floor before installing carpet to reduce the likelihood of water damage and mold. This includes sealing the concrete and filling in any cracks.

In addition, it’s also important to choose the right type of carpet for your basement. Synthetic carpets are often recommended for basements, as they are durable and less prone to moisture. The pad that is used under the carpet is important as well, since it helps prevent moisture from seeping into the subfloor and causing water damage. It is also crucial to choose a low-pile or cut-loop carpet, as these styles show dirt less and are easier to maintain than shag or looped carpeting.

Finally, removing clutter from the basement can also help it look less like a basement. This can be done by incorporating functional storage systems or placing furniture in an open plan layout. Placing a large piece of art or a mirror on the wall can also make the basement look bigger and brighter. However, it is best to avoid using multiple pieces of art or a variety of shapes and sizes, as this can create a cluttered effect that distracts from the space’s functionality.

Basements with little to no windows can feel dark, cavernous and undefined. Adding some light-reflecting materials can brighten things up, and help a room feel bigger. One way to do this is by using mirrors. But there are other creative ways as well, like incorporating a ceiling mount barn door system to create a rustic…